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The Innotivity Institute’s programs of training, coaching, consulting and mindset makeovers help leaders, entrepreneurs, companies and creative professionals up their Creativity and Innovation skills and results. Our flagship program, the Innovation Explosion, is a step-by-step 8 week process proven to increase Creativity scores and help jumpstart stalled projects. We also train and internationally certify Creativity and Innovation Coaches via the International Coaches Register

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    66% of executives consider Innovation a top strategic priority. 85% of execs say that Creativity is the key to driving economic growth. CEOs say creativity is the #1 factor for future success (IBM). In one famous study, Creativity training led to a 350% increase in ideas generated.


    Market shares of innovative companies are 3x higher than average and their average sales are 6x higher than average. An innovative company will have 75% to 80% more profit than a non-innovative one. Companies who innovate during a crisis have up to a 30% advantage over their competitors.


    94% of hiring managers say it is important to consider creativity when hiring a job candidate. Yet recruiters rank creative problem solving as the second most difficult skill to find among job applicants. And 78% of college-educated workers wish they had more creative ability.


    When being creative, our brains release dopamine, a natural antidepressant - participating in creative activities may help to alleviate depression. Creativity increases our control over emotional pain. And it increases our intelligence, since 95% of our 60,000 daily thoughts are usually the same.


    Creativity decreases mortality risk, and maintains the integrity of neural networks. It preserves your mind and staves off dementia. In fact, creative people are 73% less likely to have memory and thinking problems in old age. Creative work boosts the immune system and CD4+ lymphocyte count.

    The Innotivity™ Opportunity

    The Creativity Crisis

    98% of adults have lost the Creativity we were born with. Yet Innovation begins with Creativity. Innovation efforts are doomed without addressing this fundamental Creativity crisis. Our method of INNOTIVITY™ focusses on rebuilding personal adaptability, overcoming our attachment to our fixed personality. You can only get the ideas YOU would have, so the more flexible you are, the more creative you will be.

    Our Solution

    Imagine being drenched in a driving thunderstorm while you fumble with a big set of keys. When you finally find the right key, you realise you’re standing at the wrong door. What’s the point of having the right key to the wrong lock? To find new ways forward, both the right key and the right door are necessary.

    Creativity and Innovation are not two very different things. They are just two parts of one process that starts with encountering a challenge, and ends with sorting it out. That process is INNOTIVITY™.

    Creativity is simply “the ability to think differently from yourself.” And Innovation is really just Creativity in action. They do in fact so often seem to demand almost opposite personality types and skills.

    Using the method of INNOTIVITY helps us learn to access our lost creative genius and apply Creativity skills to Innovation and vice-versa, making the whole process of reinvention and pivoting far more successful.

    How to Dance with Uncertainty

    Uncertainty is not a challenge to overcome.
    Uncertainty is the source of Innotivity.
    In this two-session workshop, you will take a challenge you're currently struggling with due to uncertainty and find innovative and creative ways to blow right through it.
    You’ll learn to welcome uncertainty - instead of trying to turn it into certainty.
    And yes, you will dance to celebrate your breakthroughs!

    Michael has been telling me about this Innovation workshop since I trained him as an NLP coach. Finally I got to check it out - I loved it so much I asked his permission to promote it and have become an affiliate! I know you will love it as much as I did. It will change your life!! Michael is a God online. This is one of the best investments you are going to make for yourself.
    Deon Groenewald
    Master NLP Coach, Coach Trainer, and Found of Action Factory
    I was struggling with my business for weeks without finding a way to move forward. That's when I decided to take Michael's program. That decision was one of the best of my entire life. I walked out of the program with clear strategies and techniques to move my business forward while regaining confidence in my capabilities as an entrepreneur. Michael is a true master at his craft, and thanks to him I was able to navigate most of the challenges I was facing with my business. He used a combination of research covering field like neuroscience, positive psychology, NLP, diving deep into the power of creativity and how to unleash it. If you are a struggling entrepreneur, this can change it all!
    Mirko Maccarone
    Founder, The Mastery Hub
    I really enjoyed the very clear tools in THE INNOVATION EXPLOSION and found them easy to integrate into my life right now, today. The depth of the course was outstanding, as was the flow of topics and watching people go through transformations quickly, in front of our own eyes. My aim was to get clarity on what kind of business I could set up, which I achieved.
    Dr Samia Chasi
    Education Practitioner and Researcher
    The workshop has given me clarity and a great level of comfort at what I should be doing. Michael reads people well. He helps participants clarify what they are thinking. When he says it back to me, it's even more recognizable and resonant than when I said it myself. We all come to earth with our sacred packages, and I think Michael is on the money with this one.
    Dr Zandile Mokgatle
    MD and Health Coach
    I love the workshop because I wasn't spoon-fed what to think. I was, rather, guided to think for myself in new ways, even though I'm already a very creative person. I was provided with tools that allowed me to find my own new paths and techniques, not just do what I was told. Michael does a great job leading those Workshops.
    Nirvana Nokwe-Mseleku
    Performing Artist
    Insightful, thought-provoking, challenging and shifting. I was caught up in paying bills and doing client work and raising money. THE INNOVATION EXPLOSION gave me a system and tools to get creative thinking re-energized. I left a powerful animation project behind for years because I thought it was too big, too expensive, and just kept putting other things ahead of it, even though it was a gift from the universe that had come to me effortlessly. All these years I was kicking a gift horse in the mouth. Through THE INNOVATION EXPLOSION, the project advanced incredibly. Now I have a clear plan and idea of how to progress, and I'm excited again. This is such a special offering!
    Isabel Rorke
    Animation Producer, Entrepreneur
    I joined this workshop because I was looking for change in my life, and I didn’t know where to start with the change. What I learned in the first session already was that the change would not come from external forces or “thinking out the box” but it was all about working with what was within me. I would encourage anyone looking to tap into the best version of themselves to take this course.
    Thembile Ndlovu
    4IR Consultant, One of the 200 Young South Africans You Must Take to Lunch 2019
    Decluttered my problem situation from the cloud of emotions to help me see tangible facts, and approach it with a clear view of actions I can take to get the results I am looking for. This included questions he asked me that lead to introspection to change my disposition. Such that I could see an alternative route to my desired end. Thank you Michael, you helped me see things clearly, and showing me I always have choices, and there's actions I can take to change things.
    Sisanda Henna
    Actor, Producer, Life Coach
    THE INNOVATION EXPLOSION is invigorating and enlightening. I felt safe to explore and be authentic. Where I was stopped in the past, I now can create. My biggest surprise was that I set out in the workshop to work on my business plan for my arts NGO, and ended up also starting to write my book that I had put off for years. Now I find myself blowing all barriers and moving full speed. I can now accomplish much bigger dreams. Which is why we have chosen to join as an affiliate!
    Soraya Sheppard​
    Director, Color Me Africa
    THE INNOVATION EXPLOSION is an illuminating journey. Our team members opened up about the issues within our team for the first time. We are walking away with ammunition to boost the company's innovation levels. Michael is provocative, straightforward, no nonsense, and funny.
    Driven Entrepreneurs
    The Future of Enterpreneurship

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    Innotivity™ in moving sound and pictures


    Michael Lee

    Michael is a transformational coach, trainer, teacher, speaker, writer, and expert in the mindset of Creativity and Innovation. He is an internationally accredited Master of Creativity and Innovation Coaching and Master NLP Practitioner as well as a certified Executive Coach, Thought Leader Coach, Abundance Coach and Life Coach.

    He is also a working creative professional with more than two decades of experience in the film and TV industry in the US, Europe and Africa. After graduating from Stanford, his first job was as a Script Analyst for Castle Rock Pictures, before moving to Prague where he co-founded the international literary magazine TRAFIKA and began his journey as a filmmaker. His TV productions have won 5 South African Film & TV Awards (SAFTAs), and he is currently writing and producing adaptations of three South African novels for the screen.

    He has been involved in education for years and is the founder of the Academy of Television and Screen Arts in Johannesburg. He is a Global Advisor for Innovation Minds and a coach on the cutting-edge platforms The Mastery Hub and My Pocket Coach.

    His books INNOTIVITY: A Mind Makeover Manual and How to Dance with Uncertainty will be coming out soon.


    Sir Lancelot, AKA Lance, the Innotivity Institute Intern

    Leaders! Inspire your teams! If you're looking for unconditional devotion to your mission and loyalty to your training needs, Lance is your LabradorXCollieX. He is a Puppy Thought Leader, Human Behavior Expert ball of energy!

    BonBon, the Senior Intern

    BonBon, being very Senior, doesn't do much public activity anymore. To get her for coaching, her rates are through the ROOF! (Get it?) Her main job these days consists of helping train Lance to do his job something close to properly - which is very, very hard to do. So far, she has managed to teach him to do his business outside - well done, Bonnie! - although he still struggles to tell the difference between the pavement and the grass. Sigh. BonBon also eats cooked carrots, which you will understand better once you have done The Innovation Explosion.

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