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We are still early in our process of building all the above up. For now our flagship TRAINING is THE INNOVATION EXPLOSION and our main CONTENT CREATION so far is via our BLOG.

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We perceive things, we think about them, come up with new ideas, evaluate the ideas, decide, and implement via action and expression. Perceive, Conceive, Represent. Usually, we do this over and over again in a loop, as when we are doing something as simple as writing an email, considering and selecting each word or thought.
So then why does the Creative Process usually seem like chaos and luck?It’s because most of us don’t really follow a proper Creative Process. And our main problem is thinking too much. Thinking in the wrong ways at the wrong times jumbles everything up.
In Create Your Creativity, we learn and practice the best methods to predictably generate and manage our Creativity so it feels a lot less like a tangled kite string, and a whole lot more like a gentle and pleasant straight line. Making it faster, simpler, and a whole lot more fun.
Would smoothing out the kinks of your Creativity be worth a few days of your time? If so, join us. To start with, there are a few basic underlying principles we work with.

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