The Innotivity Institute provides training, coaching and Mindset Makeovers for businesses, leaders, coaches and creators.


Creativity & Innovation Coach Training with internal certification. Certified by the Internal Coaches Register includes the Innovation Explosion Unique in the World



Creativity & Innovation Mindset Makeover. Restore your creative genius on our flagship 8 week creative transformation adventure.

Creative Leadership

Private Coaching, for leaders and coaches who want to learn to deliver powerful creative shifts to themselves and others.

An Opportunity On the horizon

"90% of executives believe that the COVID crisis will fundamentally change the way they do business over the next 5 years" - McKinsey & Company

"Creativity is the single-most important skill in the world for all business professionals today to master. There’s no Better Investment You Can Make Today Than Strengthening Your Creative Skills.” - LinkedIN

“In my 40 years of working with the creative problem solving process, there has never been a time where
creativity is needed more.” - Dr Roger Firestien



The Crisis of Creativity

98% of adults have lost the Creativity we were born with. Yet Innovation begins with Creativity. Innovation
efforts are doomed without addressing this fundamental Creativity crisis. Our method of INNOTIVITY™
focusses on rebuilding personal adaptability, overcoming our attachment to our fixed personality. You can
only get the ideas YOU would have, so the more flexible you are, the more creative you will be.

“93% of executives say that the long-term success of their organisation depends on their ability to
innovate. But only 18% feel that their company’s Innovation efforts are working.” - Accenture

Our Solution

Imagine being drenched in a driving thunderstorm while you fumble with a big set of keys. When you finally find the right key, you realise you’re standing at the wrong door. What’s the point of having the right key to the wrong lock? To find new ways forward, both the right key and the right door are necessary. Creativity and Innovation are not two very different things. They are just two parts of one process that starts with encountering a challenge, and ends with sorting it out. That process is INNOTIVITY™.

Creativity is simply “the ability to think differently from yourself.” And Innovation is really just Creativity in action. They do in fact so often seem to demand almost opposite personality types and skills. Using the method of INNOTIVITY helps us learn to access our lost creative genius and apply Creativity skills to Innovation and vice-versa, making the whole process of reinvention and pivoting far more successful. Create new paths forward. Turn knowledge into impact. No regrets. That's INNOTIVITY.


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Random Quote

85% of execs say that Creativity is the key to driving economic growth

— StrategyOne