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Michael Lee

Founder, Innotivity Institute

Michael has a unique background combining a lifetime of experience as a creative professional with expertise as a Creativity educator and trainer. He has decades of experience in the film/TV industry in Africa, Europe and the USA. His shows have won 5 South African Film and TV Awards. He is co-founder of Johannesburg’s Academy of Television and Screen Arts. After graduating from Stanford with a BA/MA in Political Science, he worked with Castel Rock Pictures before moving to Prague where he co-founded the international literary magazine TRAFIKA. He isĀ  currently producing and writing adaptions of three South African novels for the screen. Michael is an internationally-accredited Master of Creativity and Innovation Coaching, Master NLP Practitioner, Thought Leader Coach, Executive Coach and Abundance Coach. He serves as Global Advisor for Africa of the Silicon Valley-based company Innovation Minds.