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“Fantastic! Great Facilitation and Content”

This program brought together concepts from psychology, neuroscience, and self-awareness in a way that makes it profoundly clear how our creative brain works, how it gets stuck and how we can help it. It’s given me a big step in becoming a mechanic of my own mind. Creativity is no longer an aloof concept removed from self, but now accessible through a well-defined process.

Rapelang Rabana

CEO Rekindle Learning & World Economic Forum Global Leader

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“Choose the Self You Want to Be”

I joined this workshop because I was looking for change in my life and wasn’t sure where to start with the change. What I learned in the first session already, was that the change would not come from external sources, or “thinking outside the box” but it was all about working with what was within me. I would encourage anyone looking to tap into the best version of themselves to do this course.

Thembile Ndlovu

4IR Consultant, One of the 200 Young South Africans you must take to Lunch 2019

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“Incredible, Powerful and Profound”

I really enjoyed the very clear tools and found them easy to integrate into my life today. The depth was outstanding, as was the flow of topics and watching people go through transformations quickly, in front of our own eyes. My aim was to get clarity on what kind of a business I could set up, which I have achieved.

Samia Chasi

Education Practitioner, Researcher, Facilitator

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“I’ll be forever grateful for this course”

This workshop awoke creativity in me that was dormant and opened up my thinking again.


Life Coach, Community Activist

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“Showed me a Creativity streak I didn’t know I had”

My experience has been entirely in theater where I got something from someone else and made it an act. I never knew I could write my own comedy material from scratch. My first joke, nobody laughed. Now I feel confident to stand in front of people and deliver my own ideas and don’t feel I’m wasting people’s time.


Comedian, Actress

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“Michael is Brilliant!”

Insightful, thought-provoking, challenging and shifting. Gave me a system and tools to get creative thinking re-energized. Now I have a clear plan and idea of how to progress, and I’m excited again.

Isabelle Rorke

Animations Producer, Entrepreneur

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The Results were Amazing! A Great Workshop.

An illuminating journey. Our team members opened up about the issues within our team for the first time. We are walking away with ammunition to boost the company’s innovation levels. Michael is provocative, straightforward, no nonsense, and funny.

Driven Entrepreneurs

The future of Entrepreneurship

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“I highly recommend Michael’s techniques”

From dealing with my procrastination to tapping my personal brand creatively, Michael’s techniques have had a positive impact on my life.


Software Consultant, Blogger

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“It’s going to be big, get in now!”

This workshop has given me clarity and a great level of comfort at what I should be doing. Michael reads people well. He helps participants clarify what they are thinking. When he says it back to me, it’s even more recognisable and resonant than when I said it myself.

Dr Zandile Mokgatle

Medical Doctor and Health Coach

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“Breakthrough Results”

Invigorating and enlightening. I felt safe to explore and be authentic. Where I was stopped in the past, I can now create. I’m blowing all barriers and moving at full speed. I can now accomplish much bigger dreams.

Soraya Sheppard

NGO Director